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Early Childhood Development 

Children are out future and our greatest investment should be in their future.                         Our ECD programme has two focus areas:

  • Early Childhood Development Training: In this training we offer accredited training for ECD educators on Level 4, Level 5 and Diploma level.

  • Schools of Excellence: In this highly-sought after programme, the focus is on a three year mentorship programme on empowering the ECD educators, often not trained, to implement a registered Preschool Learning Programme in their respective centres. Each class is also equipped with all supportive material needed to implement such a programme. The main aim of this programme is to implement a Quality Management System for ECD Centres.

    1.           Early Childhood Development Training:


     To train Early Childhood Development (ECD) Educators from rural ECD Learning Centres in a national qualification – NQF level 4, level 5 and Diploma.

    The cost of the training is as follows:

    Level 4 & 5 = R10,000 pppa

    Diploma = R13,000 pppa


    ECD training is focused on the holistic development of young children, aged 2 – 5 years.

    The programme complies with the Children’s Act of 2005, National Early Learning Development Standards (NELDS), the National Curriculum Statement (NCS) and other guidelines. It is a well-researched programme that includes national and international best practice and where implemented correctly, it is rated high on the ECERS. The extensive knowledge and research base of the programme includes:  

     Bright Start (Carl Haywood, Vanderbilt University)

     Cognitive Enrichment Advantage (Kathy Greenberg, University of Tennessee)

     Mediated Learning Experience (Reuven Feuerstein)

     MATAL (Dina Stachel)

     Smart Moves (Carla Hannaford)

     Early Childhood Reflexes (Melodie de Jager)

     Baby Gym (Melodie de Jager)

     The Triune Brain (Paul Maclean)

     Neuro Linguistic Programming

     Policy Document: Pre-Grade R Curriculum (Free State DoE)

     Dynamic Assessment, Structured Play (Louis Benjamin)Physical Activities for Improving Learning and Behaviour (Cheetham & Hammond)

     The Learning Revolution (Dryden & Vos)

     Parent Involvement Programme


    Each of the topics in the programmes include:

     A detailed programme for every day

     Details about activities for holistic development

     Details about activities for inside and outside play

     Learning material, e.g. posters, puzzles, matching cards, counting games, threading cards, stories and story cards and books


    2.         Project Information: ECD Centres of Excellence


     To equip and develop ECD Centres in marginalized communities, to improve the management capacity of principals, school management teams and educators through practical and relevant training and support and strengthen the working relationship between educators and principals.

     To improve the learner results in schools impacted through our ECD Centres of Excellence Programme.



     To equip and develop ECD Centres in poor and disadvantaged communities through our ECD Centres of Excellence Programme (a 3-year mentorship programme) with the following:

    i.      Provide a registered Pre-School Learning Programme to the Centres as required by The Children’s Act, 2005 Sections 91 – 103 of The Act;

    ii.    To develop the skills of all Educators at these Centres on how to effectively implement such a Pre-School Learning Programme (PLP);

    iii.  To provide all necessary resources and support material to implement such a PLP.

     To involve parents in the education of their children through regular parents meetings as required by the qualification and Schools of Excellence Programme and The Children’s Act, 2005.


    Project Activities:

      Do initial needs assessment on ECD Centres who wants to access the Programme;

     Provide skills development sessions to Educators at the Centres that are not doing qualification training;

     Provide all relevant resources needed by the Centres to implement the registered PLP effectively;

    • Do monitoring and evaluation visits to ECD Centres registered on the Programme to assist and guide Educators and Principals on successful implementation of the Programme




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